Noisy objects

A free-spirited lutherie workshop


Develop handicraft skills by applying yourself to building something.

Understand the acoustic principles underlying how musical instruments work.

Listen and analyse a sound and reflect upon the process by which it is created.

Learn how to classify sounds.

Combine sounds with visual content.

Bring a critical eye to bear on the sounds you create.


Primary / secondary school children.


Making meets a free-spirited take on lutherie in this workshop that invites participants to take a practical look at musical instruments and what happens when they are combined with moving images.

In this workshop, you will make machines/instruments capable of creating sound effects for audio-visual productions. After starting by listening to and analysing the sounds made by musical instruments and the sounds of nature, the participants are invited to assemble their own whacky musical instruments using DIY materials and found objects. The resulting objects will either be able to imitate everyday sounds or create new ones.

In the second part of the workshop, participants will learn how to record the sounds made by their instrument (how to classify sounds and the basic methods for recording and modifying sound) and may well be encouraged to imagine how their instrument can be used in an audio-visual production, such as a short film, an animation or a still image.

At a later date, the instruments will be used to create the Lavoir Numérique sound library, which will provide sounds for other workshops’ creations, in particular the stop-motion and audio-visual production workshops.


Duration: Three months

Frequency: Twice a month – 6 two-hour sessions

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