Let's listen to the town

Audio strolls


Broaden the scope of the notions of listening and sound.

Become more aware of your surroundings by discovering and understanding them differently.

Work on the memory of a neighbourhood through the prism of its spaces and inhabitants.

Acquire and develop basic sound recording techniques.


Open to all (from 8 years old)


This workshop takes you on a visit around the town of Gentilly with sound recording equipment (digital dictaphones and headphones). These devices act like an extension of the human body and allow you to hear reality differently and perceive the space around you in more detail and with more precision.

The objective of these audio strolls is to facilitate the development of analytical listening, a way of listening that encourages us to think about the world around us. The idea is not only to broaden awareness in general and auditory awareness in particular, but also to arrive at a more active and creative perception of our surroundings.


A 2-hour session

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